Sorry once again for the bouncing date. We had some conflicts with other Code Camps; further, myself and the other organizer have both recently undertaken new roles in our day jobs, and therefore have been quite busy with the typical new job transition process.

We're now targeting February (02/2009), with a snow date of March. More details to follow.


UPDATE: DATE CHANGE! November 22nd

Sorry about the Ping-Pong game we're playing with the date, but we learned of a Code Camp in Connecticut on the 8th, so we've decided to switch our date to November 22nd.

I suspect we'll lose some college students who leave that weekend for a Thanksgiving at home, but we'd probably lose more attendees and possibly speakers if we were competing with the CT camp.


Announcing: Tech Valley Code Camp 2008.2 - November 8th, 2008

It's official -- per conversations at yesterday's Microsoft Northeast Roadshow, we're going to make Tech Valley Code Camp 2008.2 happen. We've even moved the date up a bit -- we're now looking at November 8th, in order to avoid conflicting with a Western NY camp.

Presenters needed! We're working on getting a registration site up ASAP. Doors are open to non-Microsoft-specific tech, but we'd definitely like to see a healthy dose of Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, .NET 3.5, WPF, Silverlight, etc.

We have a few sponsors already, I'll followup with a post thanking our first several sponsors. Additional sponsorship, however, is of course quite welcome, and certainly needed.

Tech Valley Code Camp 2008(.1) was awesome! Now let's make TVCC 2008.2 an even bigger, better experience!


Thank you!

Hello everyone!

I wanted to take a moment to once again thank our presenters, our sponsors and attendees! Each of you played a critical part in the success of Tech Valley Code Camp 2008.

In fact, we consider it successful enough to do again this year -- we're shooting for v2.0 in November. Details to follow. (Yes, the bugs WILL be shaken out of the Code Camp software next time around, or there's a round of beers on me.)

I also wanted to give everyone an opportunity to exchange networking info. For anyone who would like to participate in an exchange of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc. profiles and URLs, please email your profile or site links to: info@techvalleycodecamp.com. I'll post them to the Code Camp site at http://techvalleycodecamp.com/ as they become available.

To give us a headstart on that, you can find me at:

Chris Bowen's blog:

Boyan Kostadinov's blog:

Chris Miller's blog:

Robert Holmes' site:

Rik Bardrof's blog:

Alex Silverstein's site + blog:

You can find Code Camp presentations on many of these sites and blogs, as well as additional resources.

Thank you again for your participation and support!
--Andy Badera
Organizer, Tech Valley Code Camp


Post-Camp Dinner & Drinks

Hi all!

After Camp tomorrow, we're going to get together with members of the Tech Valley New Tech Meetup at Old Chicago Grill, starting around 4pm.

Old Chicago Grill
111 Wolf Rd
Albany NY 12205
Phone: (518) 435-8007
Fax: (518) 435-8009

More info: Old Chicaco Grill


Bugs, bugs, bugs v2

Session signup is HALF working -- if you select one session at a time under "My Schedule," you can successfully schedule up to TWO sessions.

Debugging now! (Chris, if you're reading this, I don't suppose you'd know if Lorin has updated the site software or not? The version on CodePlex is rough.)


Bugs, bugs, bugs!

I know people are seeing error screens. Turns out clearing your cookies tends to fix this problem.

If anyone has problems that ARE NOT resolved by clearing cookies, please drop an email!